Hedvig Hanson trio "ILUS ELU"
Hedvig Hanson trio “ILUS ELU”

Last few months I’ve been busy releasing a new meterial with Hedvig Hanson trio. The album is called “ILUS ELU” (Beautiful Life) and has strong flamenco, samba, tango, bossa-nova influences. We want to be grateful to LIFE and celebrate it with joyful music!

Here’s a title track “ILUS ELU”:

Hedvig Hanson trio:
Hedvig – vocal,
Marti Tärn – bass, percussion
Andre Maaker – guitars, recording

Released in July 2015 by KUULA!

In 2013 we released an album “Esmahetked” with Hedvig Hanson Group. This CD is in Estonian language. At the same time we recorded some titles with English lyrics as well. Later on we had more tunes translated and added three cover songs that Hedvig has wanted to record for a long time. Anyway, all those tracks are now gathered on an album “First Moments”. Great tunes, wonderful arrangements and fantastic musicians 🙂
Hedvig – vocal, Kristjan Randalu – piano, Andre Maaker – guitar, Ara Yaralyan – bass, Ahto Abner – drums, Andi Pupato – percussion.

First Moments
First Moments

Here’s a tune by Beverley Craven – “Feels Like The First Time”

The album is available from CDBaby and