"Armada" - Juurikas, Kass, Maaker (2011)
“Armada” – Juurikas, Kass, Maaker (2011)

I had no idea it was coming! No warnings! Nothing at all. Not a smallest clue or hint. None of us knew! It just happened. We recorded some improvised takes at my studio with Peedu Kass (doublebass), Raun Juurikas (laptop with midi keyboard) and me (two acoustic guitars). And then the ARMADA arrived! BANG! One improvisation, one nation, one take.

Armada is an improvisational trio which creates diverse sonic soundscapes. Thriving from the jazz idiom, these musicians bring together live-sampling with jazz improvisation. Unlike the classic avant-garde free jazz groups, the music they create is mostly tonal and easily accessible. Lush harmonies, live looping, minimalism and sensitive interplay are the main keywords for this group.

Click here to watch Armada “Areaal” – a LIVE performance at Estonian Radio Broadcasting’s studio. (And since me and Peedu Kass had a rehearsal with drummer Ahto Abner for different project the same day, we kindly asked him to join our impro-concert the same evening as well. And he agreed!!!)

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