6ed4ceb8b918eef3b564f4bcf459c63b735a9c33That’s what I’ve been doing since I started to play guitar at the age of 15. I’ve always lived a little away from fellow musicians, so soloing has been the smart choice! It’s a way of looking into myself and reacting to it. Most of the time I pass the reflections coming from inside. It’s important to choose what to reflect to other beings. I try to get the best out of me and resonate it with my music. There’s so much I try to leave behind when making music. In February 2014 I released my first solo effort “MINU LAULU PIDU” – songs from Estonian Song Festival’s choir repertoire, reflected intimately on acoustic guitar.

In May 2016 my second solo guitar album “Andalusian Illusion” is released. I’ve spent some time in Andalusia to study and listen flamenco. I really admire this music – the variety of moods, the rhythms, the rich expressions of guitar! This album captures lots of memories, dedications and inspirations through my own compositions.

And then I improvise. Sometimes record it. It’s been a while when I did this. Here’s one set with these:



Here’s some other stuff that has influenced me. Popmusic. I grew up with it.

I played a programme with popinfluenced me on acoustic guitar and cajon!

Jazzkaar 2012 – Andre Maaker @ Elva Kultuurikeskus from Jazzkaar Festival on Vimeo.

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