Music recorded for CD where Piret Päär and Anne Türnpu tell stories found from leftside and rightside of the road between Tallinn and Tartu.
I wanted to keep that storytelling feel in my music creation process, so I improvised the tunes and welt free to edit, cut, copy-paste them just as you do when telling a story!
There’s about 2 hours of storytelling and 2 hours of music on this double-CD box: “Linda kivist Lilla Daamini”!

The new CD is OUT(side)! These are the patterns and moods of Estonian nature, that inspired my music.

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Acoustic guitar renditions of choral songs from Estonian Song Celebrations repertoire. Guitarist Andre Maaker has chosen well known choral works and interprets them in his own way, trying to capture the essence of Estonian Song Celebrations where 25,000+ singers perform those songs into his 7-string classical guitar.

Andre Maaker: Minu Laulu Pidu

Also available from iTunes and Amazon mp3!

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Sofia Rubina – voc, Jason Hunter – trumpet, Andre Maaker – guitars. Live @ Tartu Jazz Club.

In recent weeks I’ve spent some time and energy to set up this gorgeous supafantastic megasite.
And soon will announce my upcoming cd-release and concerts!