“Endangered Species” – I tried to write a tune that has the melody as a leader. The title refers to my own tunes (such as this one), that I never record on write down or perform and sometimes I forget them and they are gone. Ok, this one is now recorded and stands there for all other tunes in this world that a in a danger-zone of being forgotten!

And I have a dream with that one – I wish to perform it in Japan one day! Even don’t know why 🙂

“U.A.” – I wrote this about 7 years ago when friends of mine got their first baby. So it’s dedicated to kids whose name start with letters U and A. And the sheet music for this tune can be found in Estonian Jazz Real Book as well.

“Kaunimad laulud” (F. A. Saebelmann / P. Ruubel) – opening track from my recent solo guitar album “Meie laulu pidu” that explores the rich repertoire of Estonian Song and Dance Celebrations.