“TANTS KESTAB VEEL” (The Beat Goes On) (2011)


"Tants kestab veel" (The Beat Goes On)

"Tants kestab veel" (The Beat Goes On)

“Tants kestab veel” (The Beat Goes On): released in June 2011. Title song “The Beat Goes On” is cover of a 1967 hit single by Sonny Bono. The album has 11 very groovy tracks. Hedvig sings through the waves of black soul and r’n'b – the music that she grew up with!

Musicians: Andre Maaker (guitars), Joel-Rasmus Remmel (keys), Mihkel Mälgand (bass), Ahto Abner (drums), Pedro Peche (percussion), Jukka Eskola (trumpet), Deniss Pashkevich (flute).


Recorded and mixed by Andre Maaker. Cover photo by Madis Palm. Produced by Andre Maaker & Hedvig Hanson.

Check out this video:

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