"You Bring Me Joy" (with Andre Maaker)

"You Bring Me Joy" (with Andre Maaker)


This is a very intimate and beautiful CD – a duo with guitarist Andre Maaker. Hedvig’s second international release for EmArcy label. Like Mark F. Turner writes: “Sultry vocals combine with warm acoustic guitar to create soothing sounds that are soulful and even therapeutic.” Full review HERE @allaboutjazz.com.

Also some guests appear on this release: Nikita Grushev – trumpet, Mihkel Mälgand – doublebass, Raul Vaigla – fretless bass, Tanel Ruben – drums, Leho Karin – cello.

Recorded at Estonian Radio by Teet Kehlmann.

Here’ s what Hedvig wrote about the tunes when the CD came out:

1. Tuning – this is something we did in the studio, tuning our “instruments” before we started to record. But our soundengineer catched it and we thought it would be
nice opening to this album.

2. Nii õrn on öö (Tender Is The Night) – the song talks about two young lovers and it’s a pop-song from 70’s. I changed a lot of it’s original harmony and rhythm, but
the melody is almost the same.

3. I’m Glad There Is You – it’s one of the first standards I’ve sung. I love the lyrics of this song and also the way Andre has arranged it, so it has a whole new

4. A Little Moon – an instrumental piece by Andre.

5. You Bring Me Joy – I used to listen to Anita Baker a lot when I was a child, her mysterious voice and jazzy-sounding soulmusic inspired me. I met a journalist in
Poland at Jazz Jambouree festival, he said he loved Anita Baker too and whenever I would do one of her covers, he suggested You Bring Me Joy…here it is!

6. Dedication – it isn’t really a song, more like something I wanted to say to someone: love has dedicated you to me, love has touched me through your eyes, love has
brought our souls together…

7. Terra Incognita – we wrote this piece together with Andre when we were visiting Egypt. Andre bought darbuka-drum from there, so we had a rhythm. I was playing the
drum, Andre was playing his guitar and the song was ready within 30 minutes.

8. When The Morning Comes – I found this song from Dianne Reeves album and it has haunted me for a long time. Although I adore Dianne’s voice and the arrangements she
sings, I hope we could play this song a bit differently, more in a “northern” way. We had the best Estonian electric bass player grooving along!

9. Sa tuled taas (You Come Again) – sometimes I need to listen to the music that builds up on a bass groove. The song is about desire and the rhythm expresses the
vibes of this feeling.

10. Bona’s Lullaby –  well, I had Pat¥s Lullaby on my last album, a song dedicated to Pat Metheny. Now Andre wrote a lullaby that reminds a bit of Richard Bona’s
style, especially the vocal part of it. Our salute to Bona!

11. Taevas kõliseb tähti (Stars Are Clinging In The Sky) – the song is written by the greatest jazz-composer of Estonia, Uno Naissoo in the late 70’s. I’ve always
loved his music, because of his melodic lines. This song has poetical lyrics, talking about a cold winter night and the feelings you get when you are waiting for
something or someone.

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12. Somewhere – we both knew this song well. I remember Barbara Streisand’s majestetic way of singing it, Andre had another kind of interpretation in memory – Tom
Waits. It took some time to arrange and rehearse it to make this world-hit work in a new way. I like the 5/4 beat and the different B-part the most. Backvocals give
the depthness the lyrics of this song need.

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