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Hedvig @JazzBaltica Salzau 2004

Hedvig @JazzBaltica Salzau 2004


Well, as I’m rather bored with writing a normal biography, I thought I’d write down the deepest influences in my life. Although I think that music can speak for itself, and as an artist I’m just expressing the energies that move me, I also understand that for some people it is interesting to know the thoughts and feelings of an artist, to get a closer view of the music. So, here comes a list of the things, I couldn’t make my music without:



LOVE  – the greatest energy and inspiration of all, but not always easy to find, to hold, to understand. You need to work with Your thoughts and with Your inner EGO, and sometimes even You need to get hurt, to change Your way of thinking. Because we are not perfect and we are here, in this world TO LEARN HOW TO LOVE. And I believe, that “there’s a place for us, someday, somewhere…” to feel the unconditional and endless LOVE, if we are pure, honest and wise enough… It is easy to fall in and out of love, but the kind of behaviour leads us to an everlasting discontent and we can become bitter thinking that there’s is no perfect love for us. LOVE is untrue to those who just want to feel romance and excitement, but who am I to tell You, I’m a learner myself…

NATURE – I’m lucky to live in the little village, near a park, surrounded by pure nature, I can breath fresh air, take a walk in the woods, swim in the lake or go fishing during the summertime, ski in the mountains – and it is all here, at home… When the spring comes, I start to work at my GARDEN, planting  and taking care of my FLOWERS. I think gardening is very symbolic – just like You need to work with Yourself, with the relationship to feel the LOVE, You cannot just seed the plant, You need to take care for it, to protect it to see it grow and blossom.

MUSIC – I’m grateful to my mother (who’s also a musician), as the influences from a childhood stay forever, I also remember my mother’s old “Agfa” and “Basf” – tapes with SOUL music. I was a child during the Soviet Union time in Estonia and it wasn’t very easy to reach the American music ( the voice of a saxophone was called “the voice of the capitalism”!), but some of the musicians somehow still listened to it. Earth, Wind And Fire, Chaka Khan, Randy Crawford, Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack… Although estonians are considered to be rather introverts because of the history and cold climate, I’m glad to have rhythm and blues in my blood.
I also played classical piano at a music school for 9 years and my favourites from classical music are Chopin, Debussy, Ravel, Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, Grieg…
As a teenager I was a huge fan of Whitney Houston and after hearing her perfect voice, I wanted to become a singer. Singing along with her, every evening, after the school and music school, I got the best vocal lessons for my voice. It is the SOUND OF YOUR SOUL, that gives Your voice the depthness and the beauty, not the technics.
But then one day JAZZ became in to my life. I made my first album in 1997 with the best jazzmen of Estonia, called “Love For Sale” and after that I started to write my own music. In jazz there are so many great musicians! Some of my favourites are Dianne Reeves, Kurt Elling, Pat Metheny, Sarah Vaughan, Richard Bona, Rachelle Ferrell, Billy Childs, Quincy Jones, Lizz Wright, Bobby McFerrin, Milton Nascimento, Keith Jarrett.
And of course, my own Hedvig Hanson Group musicians, really talented and sensitive…

LITERATURE – Good books, full of wisdom and human psychology, always comfort You, by giving the answers You are looking for. Literature makes your thinking wider and Your emotions clearer – Anton Chekhov, Irish Murdoch, Erich Maria Remarque, F.S.Fitzgerald, J.D.Salinger, Khalil Gibran or Estonian poetry – my all-time favourites.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS – The dearest to me, my GRANNY, who raised me, she is now 91 years old and still playing with my sons! When I was a little girl, I was so afraid, that she will die. So I said to my granny: “When You will die, please turn into a butterfly and sit on my hand, so I will know, it is You!” She promised to do that, it consolated me…
I could not live and make music without the people I love, I guess I do it for them, because of them – my family, my musicians, my soulmates and friends, my fans….

DANCING – I’ve always been captured by the great dancers, as my mother was singing at the variety show for some time, I got the chance to look at the dancers, peeking from backstage, as I was a little girl and not allowed to see this. Magic moments! And so I had my own show at home, for my neighbours, my granny sew me costumes, pushed the “PLAY”- button on a cassette player and I was DANCING! I still remember the moves of the dance, by the song of Tina Turner, “Private dancer”! I believe, that I’m still dancing, everytime I sing, everytime I hear music, that makes my soul dance. Dancing, just like singing, it is about OPENING YOUR HEART, so You could let the music in and in that freedom You truly can breathe, feel, fly…

PEACE – The most important, peace of mind, even if You have to struggle the battles inside of Yourself to finally find it. And of course, a peace of the whole world – “…imagine all the people, living life in peace!”
I believe, there is something everyone can do to make that dream come true!

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  1. i just find a video on youtube of your version of ” Dream of the return “…sicerly a wonderfull interpretation of you and your band.


    ric, from montevideo, uruguay.

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